McKissick Museum

Established in 1976, we’re located at the heart of the historic Horseshoe on the University of South Carolina’s campus. Our collections date back to 1801 and provide insight into the history of the university and the community, culture, and environment of the American South. McKissick Museum is accredited by the American Association of Museums, operating within their guidelines for the proper care and safekeeping of these historical artifacts.

This blog has been used since the fall of 2011 to share the progress of McKissick Museum’s Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grants. These significant awards have allowed the museum to catalog and digitize its collections. McKissick Museum houses thousands of artifacts from local and regional geology collections including minerals, rocks, and fossils (invertebrate, vertebrate and paleobotanic specimens), as well as other significant specimens from around the world.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services is the primary source of federal support for the nation’s 123,000 libraries and 17,500 museums. The Institute’s mission is to create strong libraries and museums that connect people to information and ideas.

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  1. Laura Crosby says :

    I enjoyed the article about the Mary Jane Bennett teacup and saucer. I purchased that set in 1979 when I visited Mary Jane to pick up a 3-ft. tall hamper (with lid) I had previously ordered. I was disappointed, however, to see that no mention was given of “The Crosby Collection” to which the cup and saucer belong. After perusing other publications, it seems that USC no longer mentions the Collection when providing photos for other institutions/publishers. (ex: “Grass Roots”). It is not easy acquiring, documenting, and caring for a collection. I am sure you know that. It took a lot of time to acquire all of the coiled baskets that comprise the McKissick’s “Crosby Collection” and I would appreciate it if you would give me credit. My children and grandchildren would appreciate it, too. Incidentally, the large Mary Jane Bennett hamper was a gift to my co-collector, JMB and resides at LSU w/his other baskets. Thank you.

    • McKissick Museum says :

      Dear Mrs. Crosby,
      We’re glad you enjoyed the article and thank you for bringing the omission of your credit line to our attention. We are updating that post right away. While it is no excuse, I’d like to explain that the post was written by McKissick’s Curator of Exhibitions about a month after he was hired and right after the University shutdown. Our Curator of Collections (who I think you may be in contact with) worked to update your collection in our database in September 2020, several months after the post was online. Please accept our apologies for the omission. We certainly do appreciate your hard work in amassing and documenting the Crosby Collection of coiled sweetgrass baskets.
      McKissick Museum

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